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Health Insurance

Health Insurance is the most cost effective, affordable, dependable & acceptable means of bringing modern treatment facilities within reach of common people especially the fixed income group, in the present financio-social context of Bangladesh.

Benefits for the Employer :

  • Maintain a good rapport with employees.
  • Helps to retain competent and skill manpower
  • Creates a sense of gratitude towards the employer

Benefits for the Employee :

  • Assure proper treatment in case of ailment/injury
  • Scope to enjoy modern medical facilities

Clientele of Group Health Insurance:

  • Semi-Government organization, autonomous bodies
  • Private, Non-Government Organizations (NGO's)
  • Educational & Financial Institutions
  • Public Limited Companies
  • Associations, Business organizations etc.
  • Garments and Other Industries
  • Foreign Mission, Airlines

Health Insurance Products of Delta Life

Few Important Aspects of Group Health Insurance

  • Age limit of Insurance Coverage: Insurance coverage of adults usually up to 60 years. However for large groups insurance coverage is offered up to the age of 70 years. For children coverage is usually from day 01 up to 25 years.
  • Claim Settlement:
    • Direct Payment to Hospital: Through offering credit facility at Designated Hospitals
    • Reimbursement to Insured:Through Bank Transfer (BEFTN) to insured’s account or through A/C Payee cheque in favor of the insured.
  • Requisite No. of Insured for Group Health: Minimum number of members to comprise a for health insurance coverage including dependent family members should be 15 (fifteen).
  • Maternity Benefit: Treatment coverage related to Pregnancy and Child Birth is offered either as an adjunct to Hospitalization Insurance or as built-in benefit within Hospitalization Insurance Limit.
Premium Payment for Group Health Insurance:

Group Hospitalization Premium is charged at a Fixed Rate on all insured of a group and payable annually in advance. VAT is charged @15% on payable premium.

Inclusion: Pro-rata premium is charged for inclusion of a new member under insurance coverage.

Exclusion: For Exclusion of members from insurance coverage premium is refunded on pro-rata basis for the remaining period of the contract year, provided no claim was lodged for the outgoing member.