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Group Out-patient Insurance

Out-Patient Insurance Plan for Group is also suitable for Employees of an organization or Members of a group who desires insurance coverage of treatment expenses for minor ailments and injury that do not require hospitalization. Like Hospitalization insurance plan there is option for inclusion of “Dependant Family Members” (Spouse, Children, Parents) under insurance coverage of the plan, if desired. There are several benefit plans for out-patient Insurance.

Main Features of Group Out-patient Insurance
  • Out-Patient Insurance plan is offered as an adjunct to Group Hospitalization Insurance.
  • Insurance coverage is offered for General, Dental & Ophthalmic ailment and injury.
  • Benefit under Out-Patient plan is offered on “per insured per year” basis.
  • There is no scope for credit facility and treatment expenses are reimbursed to the insured.
  • An insured may enjoy discount at designated diagnostic center which consequently increases his/her benefit.
Expenses Covered under Group Out-patient Insurance :
  • Consultation Fee
  • Minor Surgical Operation
  • Medicines & Accessories
  • Medical investigation & Procedural Charges
Plan Types:
  • General: For Treatment coverage of general ailments/injuries only
  • Dental: For Treatment coverage of dental ailments/injuries only
  • Ophthalmic: For Treatment coverage of ophthalmic ailments/injuries only
  • Combined: For Treatment coverage of any two or all of the above.
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