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Overseas Mediclaim Policy

(Travel Health Insurance)

This is a distinctive “Short Term Health Insurance Policy” issued to Bangladeshi Nationals as well as resident Foreigners living in Bangladesh who intend to travel abroad for Official, Business, or Holiday trip. It is also a pre-requisite for Visa application of developed countries especially schengen states.

Requisites for taking out an "Overseas Mediclaim Policy"
Basic Information about "Overseas Mediclaim Policy"
  • Policy has to be taken before traveling abroad.
  • Policy is issued only to Bangladeshi Nationals & Resident Foreigners.
  • Policy Premium depends on “Age of Proposer” and “Duration of Trip”.
  • Any “Alteration”, should be made before “Policy Commencement Date”.
  • Insurance coverage under the policy is offered for:
    • Emergency medical treatment of illness & accident
    • Transport and repatriation in case of illness & accident
    • Repatriation of mortal remains.
  • Coverage shall not include any assistance in relation to:
    • Pre-existing medical condition.
    • Mental Illness and Suicide,
    • Pregnancy & Child Birth.
  • Maximum limit of insurance coverage:
    • If the trip do not include USA/Canada:
      • Euro 30,000 for visit to Schengen Countries (without any deductible).
      • US$ 50,000 for visit to Non-Schengen Countries (with deductible of US $100)
    • If the trip include USA/Canada :
      • US$ 1,00,000 (with deductible of US $100)
Few Other Important Aspects of Overseas Mediclaim Policy
  • "Proposal Form" may be downloaded from our website.
  • Physical presence or photograph of proposer is not required to take out a policy.
  • One stop service for policy issue at 11th floor of Delta Life Tower.
  • Only about an hour is required to issue an Overseas Mediclaim Policy.
  • Policy is issued to Individuals from the age of 6 months up to 79 years.
  • Policy from Delta Life Insurance is universally accepted by all Embassies.

For more Information please contact our customer care service desk or your nearest Delta Life office.