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Group Hospitalization (In-patient) Insurance

For Whom the Product

Group Hospitalization Insurance Plan is suitable for Employees of an organization or Members of a group. There is option for inclusion of “Dependant Family Members” (Spouse, Children and Parents) under insurance coverage.

Main Features of Group Hospitalization Insurance
  • No preliminary Medical Examination during enrolment.
  • Treatment coverage round the clock.
  • Treatment Coverage of illness as well as Accidental Injuries.
  • Option for treatment at any renowned hospital or clinic by consultant of own choice.
  • Scope for overseas treatment coverage
  • Preferential service & Credit Facility at Designated Hospital.
  • Reimbursement of expenses for treatment at non-designated hospital.
  • Provision for inclusion of new member at any time.
  • Provision for inclusion of Spouse, Children & Parents under insurance coverage.
  • Option to bring Maternity Benefit under insurance coverage.
  • Several benefit grades under each plan to choose according to employee status.
  • Option to alter benefit plan and grades during renewal.
  • Scope to include foreigners employed in Bangladesh under insurance coverage.
Expenses Covered under Group Hospitalization Insurance :
  • Hospital accommodation (Room & Board)
  • Surgical Operation
  • Consultation fee
  • Medicines & Accessories
  • Medical investigation
  • Ancillary service

Ancillary services comprises of charges for : Registration or Admission, Blood Transfusion, Post Operative Care, Local Ambulance Services to Hospital, Physiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Dialysis, procedural charge, Dressing, Nebulization, Oxygen inhalation, ventilator etc.

Plan Types

Note: Benefit limits and sub-limits may also be tailored according to clients need.

How to get an Insurance Proposal?

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