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This insurance scheme covers financial needs in all sort of difficult times a person may face. Under this Policy, Sum Assured is calculated on unit basis. Coverage is provided for unfortunate event of death both normal & accidental as well physical disability caused by accident. Some major diseases are also covered under this policy.

  • The main feature of this policy is to provide multidimensional risk coverage for lowest possible premium.
  • Premium has to be paid only once and risk will be covered for next five years
  • Different Level of Benefits are paid on the same unit based on the Claim Type
  • Policy Procurement and Claim Settlement is done on Unit Basis
  • Despite being a risk protection policy, you can get 50% of paid premium back as No Claim Bonus
How does the Plan work?

You can purchase unit basis risk coverage by paying one time premium and stay covered for next five years. Maximum 25 Unit can be purchased for a single life. Standard Coverage for per unit is Tk. 25,000.

Benefit Schedule:
Event Cause of Claim Benefit per Unit
At Death 1. Normal Death
2. Accidental Death
1. Tk. 25,000
2. Tk. 100,000
Permanent and Complete Disability due to Accident 1. Loss of Vision of one eye caused due to accident
2. Lost or amputation of one hand or one leg
3. Organ below knee is lost or become unusable
4. Hearing loss of both ears
5. Thumb is completely amputated
6. Only Index Finger is complete amputated
1. Tk. 50,000
2. Tk. 50,000
3. Tk. 50,000
4. Tk. 40,000
5. Tk. 20,000
6. Tk. 10,000
Major Disease If diagnosed with any of following major diseases:
Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction), Stroke, Coronary Artery Surgery, Cancer, Kidney Failure, Multiple Sclerosis and Paralysis.
1. Tk. 10,000
At Maturity If no claim has been maid 50% of Paid Premium
Who can buy this Product?

If your age is between 18 & 55 years, educated and in low risk profession, you can buy this plan.

At a Glance:
Category Protection
Premium payment mode Single
Term Fixed Five Years
Per Unit Coverage Tk. 25,000
Maximum Coverage Maximum 25 Units can be purchased for a single life
Maximum 25 Units can be purchased for a single life If your age is between 18 & 55 years, you can buy this product.
Special Note:

a) Even after paying Major Dieses Claim, risk coverage for Death and Disability will remain effective for the rest of the policy term. In that case, for death and disability claim, claim will be settled after deducting the Major Dieses Claim that’s already been settled.
b) For Accident, claim has to be made within 90 days of accident occurrence and evidence as per requirements of Delta Life need to be provided.
c) Murder or Death due to Assault will not be treated as accident. Rather regular death benefit will be paid on such claim.

To learn more please contact:

Delta Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Phone: 55051019, 09613 666 000
Customer Care: 09613 666 999