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Double Benefit Endowment Insurance Plan (05B)

This policy is for someone has a lump sum amount of money that he or she would like to put aside and watch it grow. In this policy, you pay the full premium once and get one and half time the amount of Sum Assured after seven years. In case of earlier death during the term of policy, your nominees will get double the sum assured. This will help you ensure the financial security for yourself as well as your family in case you are not around to support them.

  • A single premium equal to Sum Assured to be paid as at the commencement of the policy.
  • Maturity Value of the Policy is one and half times whereas double the amount of Sum assured is paid on death during the policy term.
  • This is a fixed term plan and policy is issued for 7 years.
  • Can take loan from the policy after two years in case of financial hardship.
  • This is a very attractive investment option for Non-Resident Bangladeshi as premium has to be paid only once.
How much will we pay?
  • Maturity Benefit: On maturity you get one and half times of Sum Assured.
  • Life Cover Benefit: In the unfortunate event of loss of life, your nominated beneficiary will receive double the amount of Sum Assured
What is the Plan term?

The duration of the term for this policy is fixed at 7 years.

Who can buy this Product?

If your age is not more than 53 years, you can buy this plan.

At a Glance:
Category Investment
Maturity Value One and Half Times of Sum Assured
Death Benefit 2 * Sum Assured
Premium payment mode Single Premium
Term Fixed 7 Years
Who can buy this Product? If your age is not more than 53 years, you can buy this plan.
Term & Conditions:

The maximum amount of Sum Assured for female life Is BDT 50,000 (Fifty Thousand Taka) and for male life is BDT 200,000 (Two Lacs Taka).

To learn more please contact:

Delta Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Phone: 55051019, 09613 666 000
Customer Care: 09613 666 999