Mohammad Shams-ul-Islam

Mohammad Shams-ul-Islam did his B.Com. (Hons) and M.Com. from the University of Dhaka in 1981. As a prudent banker he has 34 years of experience. He started his banking career with Agrani Bank in 1984 as a Senior Officer (Financial Analyst). He was appointed Managing Director and CEO of Agrani Bank Limited on 24th August 2016. Before that he was the Managing Director of Ansar –VDP Unnayan Bank. He worked for a good number of other organizations i.e. Agrani Exchange House Private  Limited, Singapore, a flagship remittance Company of Agrani Bank Limited during 2001-2008 which played a pivotal role in earning foreign currencies from Singapore to Bangladesh,  the Chairman of Agrani SME Financing Company Limited, the Director of Agrani Equity and Investment Limited, Director of ICB, Agrani Exchange House Private Limited, Singapore, Agrani Remittance House Sdn, Bhd, Malaysia,  Agrani remittance House, Canada Inc. respectively. He is also a Member of the Governing Board of Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management, the Council of IBB and member of the Executive Committee of Bangladesh Foreign Exchange Dealers Association. Immediately after joining in Agrani Bank Limited as CEO he prepared a 100 Day Roadmap for amelioration of the present condition of the bank. He attended a number of seminars, workshops and trainings both at home and abroad conducted by prestigious and world famous institutions.