Adeeba Rahman, ACII (UK)

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Adeeba Rahman is an Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII- Life) UK and Chartered Insurer. She did her MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA. She is also experienced in working with two International Banks, two Life Insurance Companies at different levels, as well as gathered experiences from a renowned Securities Company and a Tea Company. In the beginning of her career in Life Insurance, Ms. Rahman joined Delta Life Insurance Company Ltd. in January 2002. In her service time, she worked as Head of Marketing, Underwriting, Policy Servicing, Actuarial, Human Resource Development and Control & Compliance department and developed as well as executed various strategic guidelines and action plans of the Company. She chaired the Claims Committee and assisted in claim control and faster claim processing at Delta Life Insurance Company. Ms. Rahman served as Additional Managing Director of Popular Life Insurance Company Ltd. from March 2006 to March 2013.  

Being a Chartered Insurer and an Associate Member of Chartered Insurance Institute, UK accompanied by long outstanding experience of 19 years out of which more than 15 Years in almost all the areas of life insurance business. Ms. Adeeba Rahman, joined again in Delta Life Insurance Company Ltd. and served as Additional Managing Director responsible for supervising and controlling the activities of some important departments like Business Development, Actuarial, IT, Re-insurance, Claims and Servicing etc. 

She had now become a full-fledged CEO of Delta Life Insurance Company Limited intending to improve the Company’s overall performance specially the faster growth of the business procurement scenario.